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A Sample Of My Life

Many of you do not know me. At the moment, you only know The Philosophers Army which is my life's passion and the community which I am building.

I am a first generation Australian and my background is Assyrian from Iraq. In the early 90's, my family escaped from war torn Iraq with nothing but a suitcase and the clothes on their back. They fled as illegal immigrants with only one thing in mind...freedom.

In 1993, my family, after 3 years of scraping through from country to country made it Australia. My parents explain the feeling of their arrival as a gift from the heavens as they had been living with immense levels of stress for years. From the beginning of the Iraq-Iran war in 1980-1988, Gulf War in 1990-91, many civil wars in between and the stress of being deported had they been caught in any of the countries they fled to once they escaped Iraq. All of these events had built up to the point where my family forgot what it was like to live a normal life. Through all the struggle, anxiety and stress they had finally tasted the sweet taste of freedom in 1993 when they arrived in Sydney, Australia. I have grown up with many true stories that allowed me to truly appreciate the life that I have in Australia and gave me real perspective as to just how grateful i should be for living the life I live. I am currently in the process of writing a book which is a true story based on my family's journey to Australia and I hope this will give you some insight as to why i want to build this community and share the content that i share.

My name is Martin. I was born in 1995 in Sydney, Australia and I hope to share this book with you all in the near future.

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