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Don't Let Disappointment Defeat You, Let It Drive You

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Don't let disappointment defeat you, let it drive you.

If you stop and ask yourself "how many times did i give up on something easily?" I'm sure you will have at least 1 or 2 memories come up.

There are some of us who have constant thoughts of knowing they could've done better or tried again but didn't. Since they didn't, the thought turns into regret. Constantly having regrets in your life is no way to live. Having regret is a negative energy and too much negative energy in anyone's life can lead someone to having too many negative actions...HOWEVER.

Your path does not need to be filled with negativity. When you catch yourself regretting something it is because you yourself know that you could have done better or your actions could have better reflected who you are deep down. The key is to eliminate regret.

"How?" you may ask. It is by not allowing it to defeat you. You may from time to time have regret or disappointment in life occur. The key is to allow it to fuel you and to say to yourself "I will do better next time" instead of sitting on these negative thoughts and allowing them to consume your mind and actions. By saying "I will do better next time" you are holding yourself accountable and implementing a road map to a solution.

We must allow the regret or disappointment in our lives to fuel us to become better people. You already know you could have done better by simply feeling regret and disappointment...SO WHY NOT ACT ON IT!?

Many times I have been disappointed with my actions and regretted what i have done in life. But the more I sat there thinking about and doing nothing about it, IT SOLVED NOTHING! If i allowed it to remain with no action being taken to correct it, it would have been a slow and painful downward spiral.

So my friends the next time you feel the regret and know you could have done better say to yourself "I am better than this, I can do better!".

Keep that constantly in your mind and don't forget it the next time you are presented with a similar situation to the one you previously regretted. At the end of this constant practice, all these regretful actions will simply be reflections and reminders of how far you have come and will continue to go.

We live and we learn my friends, that is the beauty of life. Allow negative experiences to fuel you, not defeat you.

As Tony Robbins said "Don't let disappointment defeat you, let it drive you."

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