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Overcome Something Difficult Each Morning

So you alarm goes off in the morning, you're too comfortable and don't want to get out of bed. So what do you do? You hit that snooze button right? You hit that snooze button and try and get as much time as you in bed because you just want to stay in your comfort zone. Do you see that? That right there! That right there is you starting your day off with a mental retreat. The more you snooze your alarm, the more the day is getting away from you, the more time you waste and the more you start your day off on the back foot. Right there are multiple negative outcomes already starting to build up in your mind...and it's only THE BEGINNING OF THE DAY!! I never actually realised that such simple actions like these would have such a negative impact on my life. It wasn't until many years later that i kept repeating the same mistakes in my day to day life that i decided something needed to change. I felt very unaccomplished as a person, my self confidence was low and i wasn't the person i wanted to be. What started to change it all? A simple change in my morning routine. Instead of waking up at 7:30am, i started to wake up at 5am. Once i would wake up at 5am, i would get straight out of bed, change and head straight to the gym. Each day i would go to a difficult, high intensity weight and cardio training class that started at 5:45am. With me still being half asleep, the class would start and no mercy was ever shown. Minimal breaks in between sets, constantly putting my body through pain and struggling to get through each set. At 6:45am, the class would come to an end. I would begin to go through my post workout stretch and bring my heart rate back down. I would head on my way home but i could always tell that i felt different. I felt great about myself and I felt accomplished. I felt like i had overcome something difficult and that made me feel good. That simple feeling of overcoming adversity really got me into a different mindset. Overtime i realised that it made me feel like i could accomplish anything i set my mind to. Prior to me adopting this routine change, i always was trying to find shortcuts to finish tasks. Everything seemed more daunting at work and my energy towards having to accomplish any task in the day just felt like such an effort.

I'm definitely glad that i changed my routine because ever since i did and remained consistent with it, i have started to accomplish so much more. I have felt eager to take on more challenges and more tasks. I simply feel really capable and i love the feeling. All this positive change that came as a result of simply not snoozing my alarm, waking up early and starting my day by overcoming something difficult both physically and mentally. My friends if you are unsure of how to get out of a rut that you are in or feel like your life needs to improve, start off your day by overcoming something difficult. The path may not be clear to you but unless you take action and get off to a good start, you will never know what you are capable of truly. I encourage you all to try this if you are not already doing so. Anyone who does implement this, i'm confident they will tell you that it is a great action to implement. These are just my thought and experiences. If i feel they will bring value to your life then i will definitely share.

So from tomorrow, start off your morning on the front foot and get after it!


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