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The First Wealth Is Health.

I was not always very passionate and dedicated to improving my life. There was a time in my life where I was lazy, I was unhealthy, I had no real burning desire to do anything beneficial for my life. All I enjoyed doing was lazing around, playing video games and listening to music. This all changed a few years ago when the people I was hanging around were also living unhealthy lifestyles. Through constantly spending time with those people, I started to slowly realise that their lifestyles did not sit well with me. They lived very unhealthy lifestyles both in terms of food and in terms of habits. Upon making this realisation, I started to reflect on my life and what I wanted from my life. Through this action, I realised that my habits were in no way leading me down the path that I wanted and leading me to what I wanted to achieve. From that day on, the first thing I did was start to eat healthier. Once I started to eat healthier, I wanted to start exercising. The physical obstacles I experienced in the form of Kickboxing led me to strengthening my mentality and continuing to improve my life in all aspects. I wanted to participate in something with severe consequences because I genuinely felt that I was weak mentally. I wanted to become stronger mentally and although it was extremely difficult for me at first to participate in it, I kept forcing myself to go. I genuinely believe that by participating constantly in that form of training, it helped me to suffocate my excuses on a daily basis and develop consistency. Thanks to those changes that I made in my daily routine, I became motivated to start studying which previously I never had the mental capacity to even look at a book. I started this brand (The Philosophers Army) which was a passion I had but never had the motivation to start and since then, my life has never been better!

So the point of this article is that all these positive habits that I developed started from me improving my health both physically and mentally. I wanted to write about this to tell you that although I am a very motivated individual now, it was a process to become that motivated or determined consistently. I am far from perfect but I truly believe that through small improvements in your daily routine, you can begin to improve your life. I hope this article helps at least 1 of you in making changes and improving your life!

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