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To Move The World We Must Move Ourselves

If you are like me then once upon a time, you were stuck in a job that you didn't like. If you are like me, then you are probably still in that job. However if you are like me, then you are also taking action day in and day out to make your dreams and goals a reality. You are trying everything in your power to make what you want in life a reality. I wasn't always this motivated. I used to consistently pretend that what i was doing in life was getting me to where i wanted. It wasn't actually. It was getting me to where other people wanted me to be. I allowed people's projections of what they wanted for me to influence my life and that slowly became my reality. A reality that i would soon realise was taking me further and further away from who i truly was as a person. I even used to tell people "Who i am at work is different to who i am at home"...for a while i thought that was normal. It wasn't until the 'Who i was' at work kept leading me into positions that never sat well with me inside. It led me to doing things that the 'Home me' would never even think about it. I thought that it was necessary in order for me to get ahead in the corporate world. This consistent cycle of switching in and out of who i was eventually after a couple of years became mentally exhausting. I've dealt with mentally exhausting things before. Things that ultimately i knew had a positive outcome, studying for example being one of them. But this was different. There was no benefit to this. This only led me down a path that continued to drive me further and further away from who i wanted to be. I got sick and tired of pretending to be someone i wasn't. Sick and tired of the fear i had from other people judging me. Once i adopted the mindset of not caring about the judgement of others, it was liberating. It was most definitely easier said than done and is something that i keep front of mind constantly to make sure i don't do ever again. Ever since i adopted that mentality, i started to do things fearlessly and began to explore what i love. That mentality led to me creating this brand which i have a genuine passion for. That mentality led to me consistently eating healthy and training 6 days a week. That mentality led to me no longer caring about what others thoughts of me wherever i went. I started to have alot more self confidence and my life has never been better. Now, i'm still not where i want to be. I'm still working in a job that i don't like. However the difference now is that i now have the mentality and the tools that i need to do in order to truly be free. Each day i continue to sharpen my tools which in a matter of time, will get me to where i want to be. As Socrates once said "To move the world we must move ourselves". My world only started to change and improve once i actually started to change and improve. Once i actually started to pursue what i wanted and not what others wanted for me.

You see my friends, our world is what we perceive it to be. Our individual perspectives on our daily lives will ultimately determine whether your daily experiences are positive and beneficial or negative and depressing. Start to pursue what you want for yourself and from yourself. Take baby steps toward the path you desire as nothing will come quick or easy. Do this and watch your world slowly start to form into what you want it to be. Good luck my friends. You all have what it takes to change your world.

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