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Do What Is Necessary, Not What Is Easy.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Do what is necessary, not what is easy. These words are something in which you might ask "What is necessary?" or "What are you referring to?". Allow me to explain.

One path to true self development and growth is to always put yourself in uncomfortable situations. This applies to all aspects of life. It could be from physical exercise, new tasks at work, eating healthy or anything that is deemed an obstacle by your mind.

To give you all something practical, I will refer to conversations in my life. There have been a significant amount of times in my life where in a conversation, I could've said how I truly felt to someone but fear stopped me. It was not because I was afraid of the person, but afraid of the outcome and how it would affect the relationship with that person.

I thought to myself that if i can just beat around the bush, it would protect and preserve the relationship. This was definitely true in the short term, however in the long term, the truth always came out and it affected relationships I had with people negatively and turned them sour.

Through these actions of mine, I began to see a regular trend in which I found it difficult to say what I needed, tried to go about it another way and it damaged the relationship.

It was through this repetitive action and regular failures that led me to not being happy with the person I was becoming. I was not happy with my actions and I kept reminding myself of the stories my father would tell me about my family's journey from war torn Iraq to Australia.

Throughout the journey, my father was put into many positions that were uncomfortable but that were extremely necessary to purely survive. It made me think that if my father could build up the courage through such stress, turmoil, anxiety and uncertainty, then my first world problems were nothing in comparison. All the stories I had heard and even my own personal experiences led me to suffocate my excuses and as the title says, do what is necessary and not what is easy.

I kept it front of mind to say and do what was necessary in life, regardless of the consequences or fear that I had. It was extremely difficult to do in the beginning but once I started implementing this action in my daily life, it had an extremely positive knock on effect into all aspects of my life.

I began to have better conversations with people, I started to stop making excuses, started working out early in the morning, I started to eat better and overall my positivity increased because my mind was clear and my intent with all that I did became clear and purified.

I overcame my fears and now that you've read this, I hope you will also be able to do the same and overcome your fears. It is never easy but it is necessary.

To this day, I suffocate my excuses whenever they creep up on me and power through them. It has not let me down and I believe it will not let you down.

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