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External Factors Vs Internal Factors

As i finish my Synctuition meditation session today, my mind is clear and i can think freely. The sun is shining through the window and the wind is gently coming through. I feel at peace and in such a good space. I recently have been able to sit still alot more and free my mind from my day to day stresses. Meditation has definitely helped with that but i can say that being able to free my mind is an accumulation of positive habits. Positive habits which i have implemented into my daily life. They come in the form of things that i love which include exercising, eating healthy, sharing philosophical quotes with the world and writing these blogs! Now what do all of these things have in common?...think about's quite obvious once i tell ready?...These are all things that are in my control! These are all things that i have chosen to do and more importantly, these are all things that i am passionate about. They are all internal sources that reflect me as a human being.

The things that i have mentioned are a representation of who i am as a person. When i started to slowly implement more and more things in my life that were true to me as a person, my life became better. I don't claim to have all the answers to living a better life but i can tell you what has worked for me. I can tell you that before i exercised, ate healthy, wrote blogs, shared philosophical content and tried helping people, i was never this satisfied with my life. Now don't get me wrong, there are still many things which i want to change in my life. One of which includes working my day job because it is mentally draining. However before i was doing all those things i previously mentioned, i was a different person. People's opinions about me mattered to me soo much, i was not passionate about anything that i did and everything i was doing in my life was to show off to other people. I never did anything for myself and everything that i was doing was to either make someone else happy or to show to the world that i had everything figured out. Such a terrible mentality to have. These things i have just mentioned are quite common amongst many people in the world. Well at least in my experience they are. Now tell me, what do all of these things i have just listed have in common? Is it as obvious as the first time i asked? Maybe not... but the answer is this...These are all external factors. Things that are out of my control! Allow me to explain. Worrying about what others think about me is not something that i can control or decide. I may be able to guide their opinion but ultimately it is up to them to decide. Doing everything in life to make others happy and to show off to others, these are also external factors. External because i am allowing external factors to dictated my own happiness. I was putting my happiness and mental well-being into the hands of others and allowing them to dictate how i feel. I was trying to please other people outside which is out of my control. Getting caught up in a life that deeply unsatisfying lead nowhere but further away from myself and had i continued, would've led me down a dark abyss. So tell me, what is better? Living the life i currently live (although not perfect) or living the life i used to live? I'm going to stick with the life i currently live. Why? Because after i started to slowly take action and start doing things for myself to make me happy, my life had a positive domino effect. One positive action led to another positive action. My mind began to strengthen and the feeling became addictive. So much so that my imagination began to grow and a relentless pursuit to find what i truly love and who i truly am begun. When i started to implement things that spoke to me internally, all external and shallow things started to not phase me anymore. I stopped living for others and started living for myself. I stopped caring about what others thought about me because my self confidence grew and the more i focused on what i love, the more my happiness grew. The more my motivation grew. The more my life started to improve. I literally look back just 2-3 years and can NOT believe how far i have come as a person. Everything in this blog post i have mentioned is to emphasize the importance of eliminating external factors that are negatively impacting you and replacing them by internal factors that can positively impact you. The more you eliminate shallow and external sources from your life and replace them with positive internal sources, the more your mind will strengthen and the less you will be bothered by things outside of your control. Starting today, sit in a quiet room by yourself and really analyse yourself. Analyse yourself and be as brutally honest as you can. As you do that, write under one column all the external sources that bother you and write what you think they should be replaced by. For example, if you write 'Showing a fake image of myself to others' in the next column write 'Showing an image of myself that is true and real'. You replace 1 negative action with the opposite positive action. If you struggle to do this, email me ( and i will guide you through it. If you have the courage, feel free to email me your list and i'd love to have a chat. I am no expert but will always try to help where i can! I want you all to live a satisfied life and focus your energy on doing things that speak true to you!

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