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Adversity Is Necessary

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

As i reflect on the world of today, there is a significant amount of adversity. From the protests in America, the struggles which Covid-19 has brought and people losing their jobs due to the major events occurring in the world. I do not recall a a time in recent history in which the Earth has suffered as it has now.

However, it is during these times when we are faced with such adversity that we must NOT shy away and beg for mercy. We must find it in ourselves to act, fight the negative thoughts in our mind and negativity in the world.

If we allow our minds to become weak by accepting our circumstances, nothing will change. Fight the voice in your head that tells you to do nothing and instead, being working with one another to re-build.

The words you are about to read from Seneca will give you an insight to the positives that come from adversity. In every challenge we face, there are many positives that we can take away. Do not shy away. Be strong.

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