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Block Out All The Noise!

Socrates once said "Silence is a profound melody, for those who can hear it above all the noise"

How many times have you had someone tell you what you are doing is stupid or that you will fail if you continue to try and do what you want? I bet many of you would have definitely heard these words at one point or another. Socrates was indeed a wise man and these words are not to be gone unnoticed. What i believe Socrates is trying to tell us here is that you will have many people in your life tell you what's good for you, tell you that you shouldn't be doing what you're doing or that you are crazy for trying to do something! You should NEVER allow those words to deter you from pursuing what you want, regardless of how you may be perceived to others. I say this because if you listen to those voices and stop, you will find an empty feeling within yourself. Your days will be lifeless and mundane. I know this because i have lived this.

To see someone not pursue what they want because of the doubt and negativity of others is a tragedy in the purest sense of the word. To not allow someone to explore what they are passionate about in the one and only life they have is a crime.

If that pursuit is not negative and not impacting others in a negative way, why should you tell someone that what they are doing is ridiculous or impossible? Socrates is telling us that by blocking out all those negative words and silencing your mind, you will have clarity and peace. By blocking out the negativity you will be able to focus on your passion and focus on reaching your goals.

So my friends if you take anything away from this post, please pursue what it is that brings you happiness and purpose. Pursue it, block out all the negativity and do not allow anyone to stop you from achieving what you want.

Check out the video below for a video summary of the quote and share it with someone who you know it will benefit!

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